Welcome to ArFF Open Day 3!

Legend has it that in the middle of the hottest and most humid summers, there is a hidden place where the cold and snow calm the intense fire of the City of Buenos Aires. In this place in the middle of January, almost as if it were magic or perhaps a simple error in the cosmic thermostat of reality, Christmas is celebrated in the warmth of the home, wearing sweaters knitted by granny and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows. (Which may not sound out of the ordinary, but Southern Hemisphere? Yep, christmas in the middle of summer) 

Winter sports and activities are available for anyone who dares to wear a coat in the middle of January, it doesn't take much more to enter, just close your eyes and imagine the fresh mountain air caressing your skin, which comes ... and goes ... like the air conditioning when you activate "swing".

Participate in the Show

We are waiting for you in our Telegram chat to participate throughout the liveshow, we will be organizing polls, reading questions and comments live. 
Sadly everything will be on spanish, BUT we do understand english and we love your messages!
We love the feedback and seeing how you are enjoying the show!
Tweet us at @furfiesta with the hashtag #ArFFOpenDay and leave us your photo / comment

Let's help the Rotitos de Alma

This Open Day we will be collaborating with the Refugio Rotitos de Alma, everything we collect will be for their benefit.

Rotitos de Alma is a refuge in the city of Moreno, which was created under the social gaze of saving the lives of hundreds of animals in a situation of vulnerability, whether due to mistreatment by their owners or abandonment on public roads. It is an organization that carries out its purpose with pride and a lot of heart, in these times they need us and we can make a big difference in what they do, we want you to meet them and fall in love with what they do

How can you help? During our Open Day we will organize art auctions, these are great opportunities to win slots of artists who donated their talent with absolute disinterest to help those who need it most. Among the slots up for auction, we have art pieces of our ArFF 2021 Guests of Honor: Negy and Peri.


Drawing with the Snowboarders!

Two of them return for revenge, tired of the sea and seduced by the charms of the snow. ¡Welcome back Alibi y Zue!
These two will defy the champions of the mountain, two great talents in the local community of artists for the first time live in ARFF Open Day: ¡Magical Samono y AmberDox!

Get ready for a hilarious cartoon segment, where the public votes to complicate things and we get ideas for new t-shirts!
Ask questions live for the Snowboarders using the hashtag #snow in our chat Telegram

Have you ever imagined what 100 furries say?

Neither do we. But do not worry! We have a plan to find out.
Two teams: In corner A: Argentina FurFiesta Staff; and in corner B: the AWOOs 2021 (Zeke, Wanny, Demichi y Dragon).

The mission: find out what 100 furries are saying and save the complimentary sandwiches from the registry.
Will the enigmatic, otherwise charismatic and often dumpster marauder Zaqueo help the AWOOs to do just that?

There is only one way to find out.
We receive live questions for the AWOOs or for the Staff using the hashtag # 100 in our Telegram chat

Welcome Paco Panda to Argentina!

Paco Panda is perhaps one of the best known furs from the Hispanic world, his art has been part of the most prestigious publications and events of Furry Fandom and today we welcome him to the ArFF! Open Day.

This funny giant panda from the distant lands of Guadalajara in México, has traveled throughout the world, participating in all kinds of events and carrying out multiple projects, among which Viernes Furry podcast is still very current, being broadcasted every Friday on Youtube.

During this Open Day, we will be chatting with him, inviting the public to ask him questions and participate live using the hashtag #Paco in our Telegram chat..

Music, Fursuit Parade, Dealers Den and more...

This Open Day, music returns thanks to Max Fluffy, this adorable doggo from the nearby lands of Ciudad de Buenos Aires is ready to sing and demonstrate his talent to the whole community.

With music, come movements and what better way than to move to the rhythm of an unmissable digital Fursuit Parade, we reached out to the entire community and 14 countries came to our call. There is talent from all over the world and we hope that the original ideas of many of them will surprise and excite you as much as it did to us.

Fursuiters were not the only ones who showed up to participate in the Open Day. Artists and creators from our community also met in this place, to make themselves known, to expose their talent throughout our show. Some of them even offer opportunities just for today at the Argentina FurFiesta Dealers Den!

We are waiting for you with an afternoon full of activities, games and more, there is so much to tell you, but the best thing is that you see it for yourself and enjoy this ArFF! Open Day 3 with us
What's ArFF Open Day?
ArFF Open Day is a piece of Argentina FurFiesta in the cozyness and comfort of your home.

This is an online liveshow open to the public that will accompany you through the afternoon with games, raffles, auctions, special guests and a world of surprises throughout the show.

During an ArFF Open Day, the Staff will do their best to make you have fun and feel - at least for a little while - inside of our convention.

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