COVID-19 policy to attend the 2022 in person edition of Argentina FurFiesta

Version 1.0a - Rev. 07/04/2022

Taking into account the Pandemic context that affects the celebration of massive events and in observance of the best practices of the sector and the National Government policies through the Decree 867/2021 and its amendments.

The event organization will require that everyone who attends the in person edition of Argentina FurFiesta 2022 -regardless if its an attendee, staff, etc-:

  1. has their vaccination scheme against COVID-19 completed by July 28, 2022. (15 days prior to the event) 
  2. the proper use of facemasks placed covering nose and mouth, will be mandatory in the entire convention space at all times..

Finally we ask those who join us in person at this edition, to take care of keeping social distance, use sanitizer and wash their hands thoroughly with frequency.

For more information regarding the COVID-19 sanitary measures in the Argentine Republic, we suggest you visit the special section on the official website.

Some important questions and answers:


What if I can't/don't want to get vaccinated?

If you do not have the possibility to be vaccinated or do not wish to be vaccinated or do not wish to show proof of vaccination, we recommend that you consider attending a future edition of the event, since we will not be in a position to admit your entry in 2022.

Which COVID-19 vaccines are accepted by ArFF!?

Any vaccine whose use has been authorized by ANMAT and/or the Ministry of Health of Argentina; In addition, any vaccine accepted by the World Health Organization (WHO).

For reference, here is a brief list of vaccines and their corresponding schedules:

  • Sputnik V (Gamaleya) - 2 Doses.
  • Comirnaty (Pfizer) - 2 Doses.
  • Vaxzevria/Covishield (AstraZeneca - Oxford) - 2 Doses
  • Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) - 1 Doses
  • Ad5-nCoV (CanSino) - 1 Doses
  • BBIBP-CorV (Sinopharm) - 2 Doses
  • Coronavac (Sinovac) - 2 Doses
  • SpikeVax (Moderna) - 2 Doses

Since Argentina and several countries in the world combine different vaccines to complete schemes, any combination of vaccines -as long as they are recognized by ANMAT/Ministry of Health/WHO- will be admitted to attend the event.

What is a "complete scheme"?

For residents of Argentina, it is what the Ministry of Health determines through the vaccination certificate available in the “Mi Argentina” App. Currently -February 2022- “Complete scheme” refers to two doses of a vaccine (one in the case of CanSino, Janssen is not used in Argentina yet), this can change in the future, that is why we recommend you to keep up to date with vaccines.

For foreign visitors, It is what your country determines as such, if you completed your vaccination scheme in your country of residence and it is sufficient to allow you to enter Argentina, you are OK to attend the event.

(Argentina) What happens if I'm part of a Clinical Trial?

We ask you to register it in the "Mi Argentina" website, so they can generate your vaccination certificate.

More information is available here 👉

It is important to note that in this case, the certificate from Mi Argentina is the only allowed document to enter the Convention. Other certificates are NOT allowed.

What happens if I completed my vaccination schedule after July 28, 2022?

You will not be able to enter the event, for not meeting the minimum required period of 15 days.

Will a vaccination certificate be required?

Yes, and its authenticity will be verified at the time of pre-registration. 

The event will not retain a copy of the certificate, once validated the person will be able to continue with their accreditation and registration process at the event.

For residents of Argentina: 

  • Complete affidavit of health status in the “CuidAr” App
  • QR of the Digital Vaccination Certificate available in the “Mi Argentina” o “VacunatePBA”

At the time of registration, the QR is scanned and it will be validated with personal data.

For residents of other countries:

  • Digital or original paper Vaccination Certificate where personal data, the date of vaccination and the doses received can be viewed.
What happens if a person presents a forged certificate?

The person will be permanently expelled from the event and will also be placed at the disposal of the authorities so that they can take the criminal intervention that they consider pertinent.

Use of facemask

What type of facemasks will be allowed?

To be considered as such, any facemask must properly cover the nose and mouth, remaining in contact with the face and held in place by its own means (either with a rope or elastic).

As an example, the following are permitted facemasks:

  • Surgical Mask, KN95 or similar
  • Cloth mask composed of at least 2 layers of fabric.

Masks with valves are strictly forbidden.

Scarves, collars, balaclavas and such ARE NOT and do NOT work as facemasks.

Plastic masks/face shields do not replace the use of a facemask.

If I wear a fursuit, do I have to wear a face mask under the head?

Yes, the use of a facemask is mandatory throughout the convention space and under any circumstance. So it must be used even while the head of your fursuit is on.

The Staff will verify compliance and we ask that if you are going to use your suit, that you please collaborate with making the convention a safe environment. 

Since the mask can somewhat reduce airflow, we also ask that you be particularly attentive to your health, giving yourself enough space to cool off, get some air and take care of yourself.

Outside the event do I have to wear a mask?

By health provision of the City of Buenos Aires, all indoor spaces require the mandatory use of a facemask.

Likewise, the space hosting the event may require and impose its own indications or restrictions that all attendees must comply with.

What happens if someone refuses to wear a mask?

The person who does not use a facemask will be invited to leave and taken to the door by security personnel.

Likewise, your access to the event will be revoked and you will be taken to the authorities for their corresponding intervention.

About the event

Is it safe to attend an event like Argentina FurFiesta in this context?

Actually this is a question that only you can answer since its strictly personal. There are no wrong answers here.

From our side, we are going to do everything we can to make you feel safe, offering clear general guidelines in accordance with the provisions of the health authority to provide an event that is as safe as possible.

Can you guarantee with 100% certainty that I will not get COVID from attending ArFF 2022?

No. There is an inherent risk in travel as well as in any mass meeting or event. While indoor, vaccinations and masks are effective in reducing the risk of infection and serious illness, there is still some risk of infection. If you feel comfortable or not with that risk, it is a decision that is exclusively in your hands.

Why now, why not wait any longer?

We waited 2 years to even consider going back to an in person edition of the event. During this time many things have changed and we believe that with the massive distribution of vaccines and the lessons learned regarding the virus and good hygiene and care practices, holding an in person event is possible within a margin of enough safety.

The pandemic will not end in the short term, so it is necessary to adapt to this context. An event can be held with feasible safety as long as everyone collaborates acting responsibly and reducing risks as best as possible.

Can the event be canceled?

Although all our energy and conviction are invested in holding an in person edition of the event this year, it is impossible to predict the future along with the incidence of new variants in the regulatory framework for this type of activity. 

The possibility that government agencies limit or prohibit public attendance at massive events in closed spaces is something that can happen, as well as the closure of borders by Argentina. 

Traveling or attending an event in this context requires staying constantly informed about the health situation and the changing framework of regulations, which is why we suggest you always seek information from official sources.

Argentina official site on COVID-19:

Official website of the City of Buenos Aires on COVID-19: 

For more information on borders and entry procedures for foreign residents to Argentina:

What do I do if I do not agree with this policy and do not want to attend the event?

We understand it and we hope that you can join us in a future edition of the event.

If you have a ticket that was rolled over to 2022, we will enable the option to transfer it to whoever you want. It is a very simple process that takes a few steps and is done directly from the web.

For any other questions you can contact us through Baubao

The current state of affairs

We are waiting for a clear outlook regarding the development of the pandemic and a possible second wave. Our commitment remains to hold the in-person event sometime in the second half of 2021.

Currently, most hotels remain closed and all mass events, as well as large congregations of people are prohibited.

Although Argentina moves slowly outside the Mandatory, Preventive, Social Isolation established by the National Government, the hotel, tourism and especially events panorama is uncertain.

With the current degree of uncertainty, it would be premature and unwise to agree with a place and set a date -particularly with the latent risk of repeating a story like the one that occurred with the closure of the Hotel Castelar- The event will occur to the extent that we can guarantee a safe environment with adequate care measures adapted to the “new normal”.

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