The current state of affairs

We are waiting for a clear outlook regarding the development of the pandemic and a possible second wave. Our commitment remains to hold the in-person event sometime in the second half of 2021.

Currently, most hotels remain closed and all mass events, as well as large congregations of people are prohibited.

Although Argentina moves slowly outside the Mandatory, Preventive, Social Isolation established by the National Government, the hotel, tourism and especially events panorama is uncertain.

With the current degree of uncertainty, it would be premature and unwise to agree with a place and set a date -particularly with the latent risk of repeating a story like the one that occurred with the closure of the Hotel Castelar- The event will occur to the extent that we can guarantee a safe environment with adequate care measures adapted to the “new normal”.

Previous Statements (COVID‑19)

We invite you to reread our statements to learn about the evolution of the pandemic in relation to Argentina FurFiesta.

Statement #5 - 13/03/2021 (ES, EN)
Baubao's haunted mansion will go ONLINE - We will plan 2022 with a new theme and (hopefully) in a hotel

Statement about Hotel Castelar closure #2 - 06/05/2020 (ES - EN)

Statement about Hotel Castelar closure #1 - 05/09/2020 (ES - EN)

Statement #4 - 04/23/2020 (ES, EN)
Hotel Castelar Closure - ArFF moves to 2021

Statement #3 - 04/05/2020 (ES, EN)
Date of the event changes to September 2020

Statement #2 - 03/21/2020 (ES, EN)
Update and watch over the COVID-19 situation

Statement #1 - 03/13/2020 (ES, EN)
Watch on COVID-19 situation

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