Welcome to ArFF 2021: Baubao's Haunted House!

Monsters, minions and various creatures, all welcome to the Haunted House. In this place everything and nothing is what it seems: corridors and rooms move; the paintings are so real that they seem to follow you with your eyes; large halls house banquets of hundreds of souls; And what about the lab in the attic? Or is there a silhouette behind you in the mirror? look and see well, because the house hides a lot of secrets.

Tonight, we wait for a very special guest: a puppy named Baubao. Your mission? Give him the fright of his life. But beware! Don't scare him so loudly, there are many like you waiting for their turn.

After all, there is nothing better than a long night of fear in the house to rest in peace... if you can.

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