Illustrator, nature enthusiast, fan of the sun and kittens.

Meet the ArFF 2023 Guest of Honor!

The Lunar Base is pleased to welcome one of the greatest talents from our beloved country. 

She is Carolina "Garoline", born in the City of Buenos Aires, she is 28 years old and is currently self employed as an independent artist. Today we want to officially welcome her to the Astronaut Training Program as the guest of honor of ArFF 2023.

Garo tells us that she is very happy to be here, the fandom is something that has done her a lot of good over the years, she adds that is passionate about art, animals and nature, as well as fantastic creatures. "I am lucky to be able to gather those interests in one place, I share those interests with this beautiful community and I am happy to be able to make a living doing what I like."

Her beginnings in art were not easy, although she was obsessed with coloring books, her first experiences with drawing classes were not good at all, in her words: "they made you copy drawings or they made you do crafts, which I was bored of a lot, after a few classes I stopped going”. 

It was movies like The Lion King and anime series that became her mentors, "Animals in their feral forms expressing themselves as humans? Humans with animal ears and tails? Fantasy creatures? I want to draw that!" and that was how she spent hours making drawings, tracing and imitating styles, thus forming her own path in art. It was only at the age of 17 that she decided to make the leap and start taking on commissions, pushing through trial and error, challenging herself every step of the way. 

"I think that the pressure generated by taking it for what it was and the motivation that the work of other artists gave me contributed to my progress." She reflects on those years. Today she is dedicated to practicing a lot and taking independent courses to continue forging her style.

Her beginnings in the fandom go back to 2010, much more shy and introverted back then, she tells us that it was thanks to a friend from High School that she began to integrate into this world. At that time, she went by the alias "Kero Tzuki" and with another fursona: a hybrid between a tiger, a lynx and a snow leopard. "I love her, her image represents the beginning of my career as an illustrator"

Today and for approximately 6 years, Garoline has manifested herself through another fursona that, in her opinion, reflects her better. In order to bring it to life, she relied exclusively on a species of cat called caracal with some "creative liberties" that allowed her to obtain some distinctive features, one of them: her connection with the earth and the Sun. "One gives it a body and the other energy, the symbol on the back represents the Sun" The connection she has with this cute feline is so personal that she often draws it in different ways and uses it to represent things in her life.

In her free time, Garo really likes to see art galleries, search for new artists, watch videos, movies and series. Something that she particularly enjoys is listening to music and imagining some animated video that correlates with what she listens to. She takes every opportunity to go for a walk through green spaces, as long as there are few people. Also adds that she loves to travel and that in recent years she had the opportunity to not only attend ArFF but to visit BFF and MFF participating as a dealer and selling merch.

When we ask her what job she would like to have at the Lunar Base, she tells us with a laugh that she would love to be an Explorer or a Mineral Collector "Just for a week huh! and then I return to the earth to touch the grass, thank you very much!in more clear terms: there is no better place like home, with fresh grass and a radiant sun that illuminates it, delivering that necessary dose of energy to get up, draw and succeed.

Garo is a shy person, but behind that there is a radiant personality, extremely persevering and -even though she tells us no, that is not the case-, she has an undeniable talent. Garoline is a star with a powerful light, like that sun she loves so much and that looks at her from above the horizon.

As ArFF 2023 Guest of Honor, you will be able to see and meet Garoline personally, not only will she be at several of the main events of the event, such as the opening and closing ceremonies, but she will also have her own panel, she will be a part of the Jury at the Dance competition and will have its booth in the Dealers Den. If you have a Super Sponsor, AWOO or APOLLO ticket, we invite you to a special meal organized in her honor.

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