Welcome to the "Dark Side of the Moon"! The hottest club on the entire lunar base.
In this section we will tell you all about the ArFFTer Dark segment of the 2023 Edition of Argentina FurFiesta.
All AD Segment programming is for people over 18 years of age on the Friday of the event..

Before talking about the activities, you must keep in mind the guidelines and protocols to follow, so we recommend that you read the General Rules and Code of Conduct of the event and the one that regulates the AD Segment.

This year the rules underwent modifications. READ THEM.

The Dark Side of the Moon offers special and unique opportunities to enjoy your Saturday night at #ArFF2023

We recommend keeping the Schedule on hand and checking it often!

During the AD Segment on the Mainstage, we invite you to dress up for the occasion.
special night in space deserves to be accompanied by that outfit that you wanted to wear so badly, but maybe you are a little embarrassed or you simply did not have a place that inspired you enough comfort to wear it.

That opportunity has arrived! 👏

The entire dress code is available in AD Rules, which must be read in along with the General Rules.
Remember that outside the Mainstage, the dress code is suitable for all ages, so you will have to use the changers or cover up before leaving.

If after the moon walks, your battery is low and you want to rest, we invite you to relax and enjoy the Maid & Butler Cafe Bar on the ArFF! Mainstage.
It's very easy: Go to the bar, order your drink and when you pay, ask us to bring it to your table. Once you sit down and while you are enjoying the show, a person specially dressed for the occasion will bring your drink.
During the Maid & Butler Cafe, the tips we collect will benefit  ACMA .

If we missed something from earth, it was the doggie contests on television. We missed the grace and pomposity of those animals as they ran around the track solving obstacles and demonstrating their skills and those of their handler.
On the moon things are different and putting animals into orbit seemed too cruel to us, so we invented something better ;)
We invite all those people who are pet play enthusiasts to attend along with a handler to compete, have fun and determine once and for all who is the best pet of ArFF 2023..
If you are interested in signing up, we ask that you read the specific Sub-Annex for the Pedigree Show and complete this form.
(We will also accept registrations during the event)
Like the Dealers Den on the other side of Lunar Base, but with more *ahem* interactiveproducts, completely exposed art, ornate silicone sculptures and more.
Perhaps this is an excellent opportunity to change or renew that centerpiece.
Keep in mind that during the course of the Dealers Den AD you will have to respect the direction of circulation,once you have passed a stand you will not be able to return: you must exit and re-enter..
Look at the Dealers AD map to plan your adventure well.

We invite you to a meeting space for artists of NSFW adult themes, this is a space to draw without restrictions and have a good time.

This activity will happen at 00:30 in the Lounge, spots are limited.

When in doubt and for all the news, always remember to look at the schedule

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