Argentina FurFiesta 2022 presents our


They are our VIP passengers, who together will dare to face the airport antics along with you on this hilarious adventure.


Illustrator, student and eternal explorer

Belen "Zue" was born in the city of Lima, in the distant lands of Peru. She is 27 years old and since she was only 2 she lives in Buenos Aires Province. She is currently studying at UBA and dedicates herself full time to drawing.

Zue is passionate about drawing, but even more so about biology, bird watching and animal care. Since little, she was dedicated to raising small animals -something that still lives in her to these days- and later, that experience would be an invaluable help in her university career.

She is a cheerful and very talented person who tells us about her life between laughs and colorful facts, such as how raising animals came out of pure curiosity and that at a very early age, her fascination with dragons was her main drive for drawing: “You tell me that there are huge lizards that can fly and breathe fire? Excuse me, I have to draw it“. Zue describes herself as self-taught: there is much to learn out there, all available online and this definitely allowed her to develop as an artist.

Her beginnings in the furry fandom go back more than 7 years ago. She tells us that during an animation course, she met other furs who invited her to join them and suggested that she could make a living by drawing. Until then, Zue knew little about the fandom, but the door that was opened that day never closed again: she fell in love with the community and without hesitation she ventured to publish and venture.

Her fursona is a boer goat, according to Zue in a nutshell “it's me”. She says that this goat could be seen in the corridors of some laboratory running with flasks of strange liquids, but if she realizes that she is being watched, she will pretend that she was not running with glass. "Shh, they didn't see anything." 

Zue has several projects in different stages of planning, but she has not had much time to explore and move forward to pursue them. She is very proud of "CabraMapache".

This venture was born in the midst of the pandemic by Zue and Alibi, the objective is to shape and create small ceramic animals "handmade with a lot of love". Zue tells us that "it was a way to bring joy and warmth to the heart, it helped us get through these recent times, which have been difficult and luckily this project has been very well received by people."

When we ask her about what place she would like to visit, she tells us that she would love to go to the main museums in the world and wander through the basements where they have unclassified specimens. “What strange, extinct and unknown animals might they have there? I want someone to come and examine them and tell us the history of those bones.” She adds that “The world is much bigger than we think, and the number of species that no longer exist is insane. But that is not going to stop us from continuing to search, discover, and bring them back to life, even if it is by illustrating.”

Zue is very excited to participate in ArFF 2022. You will have many opportunities to meet her and the best thing is that finding her will be very easy: she will be in our Dealers Den, she will also host an Art Jam segment and she will participate in a very special lunch with AWOOs and Super Sponsors.


Illustrator, gamer and bird lover

Cami “Alibi”, was born in the Province of Buenos Aires and has lived there ever since, she is 24 years old and currently dedicates herself full time to be an independent artist.

She is a cute albino raccoon fan of games -sometimes too much she adds-, "don't ask me to dance, play sports or play instruments, I am a very creative and manual person" she laughs and adds that everything that has to do with nature, animals and plants she likes a lot.

When we ask her about her relationship with animals, Alibi tells us that she is the proud mother of 2 kittens "I love them, although sometimes they make me angry, I adore them", she also says that she has a very special interest in birds which she wants to learn and read more about in the future, she also points out that she has 5 tattoos and 3 of them are crocodiles. "Why? There is no reason ” she tells us with mystery. 

Her vocation as an artist was awakened early in her life, as a little girl she drew for fun, along with classic books such as "learn to draw animals" and "how to draw animals" that have taught her and accompanied throughout her childhood. Animals have always been an inspiration for her art throughout her life.

Alibi is a very gentle, curious and self-taught person who developed artistically over the years thanks to tutorials, videos and books, but it was only when she was 21 years old that her life took an extraordinary turn: she began taking classes and according to her It was one of the best decisions she has made in her life “A person guiding you through lessons is super valuable, I feel that I started to advance much faster since I went to classes. I definetly recommend it to everyone.”

Her beginnings in the Fandom go back more than 7 years ago, at that time she ran into the community on Deviantart and then it didn't take long for her to move to Furaffinity, when we asked her what she liked most about Furry she answered us without hesitation “I think it is a very cool place to forge friendships and become known as an artist.” and it is thanks to this community that today she can be independent and do what she likes the most.

“I am an albino raccoon and this fursona represents me” She tells us and soon clarifies “or rather it represents the parts that I like the most about myself” when we asked her what things she felt that her fursona allows her to do, she told us that “in Essence is the purest expression of my personality and I love drawing it and having it drawn” 

Among her achievements, she highlights having survived the inclemencies of "Typography 2" where she had to make a book and a magazine "It was really very difficult for me and I am proud to have overcome it", but what fills her most with pride It is the fact of having managed to be an independent artist, she puts herself to the test every day and quite recently she added a new challenge with the birth of “CabraMapache”.

When we ask her about which place she would like to visit, she tells us that she would love to go to Japan "I think it is super interesting because of the cultural differences that we have, there is much to explore and obviously I am also interested in its gastronomy!" she adds that she would also like to visit Finland or Norway and that one of her dreams is to see the northern lights.

Alibi is very happy to participate in ArFF 2022. You will have many opportunities to meet her and the best thing is that finding her will be very easy: she will be in our Dealers Den, she will have a panel on “how to raise your furry art to the next level” and she will participate in a very special lunch with AWOOs and Super Sponsors.

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