¿Qué es VRChat?

VRChat is a massive online multiplayer virtual reality social platform. It was created back in 2017 and has been at the center of the Furry Fandom scene ever since. Anyone can enter and interact in VRChat, owning a VR headset or knowledge of Blender and 3D is not needed, there are hundreds of avatars and resources available that you can use totally free of charge. 

Through VRChat the fantasy of crossing a portal and becoming your fursona comes to reality, the worlds and experiences that exist are endless. With just a few clicks you can be playing miniature golf, exploring underwater worlds, piloting airplanes in an air battle, discovering the secrets behind places like Furry High and many others. The limit here is the imagination as new worlds and experiences are constantly being added to explore.

VRChat has come to continue the legacy of other titles such as SecondLife that, although they remain current today, have gone to the background in favor of new technologies. In addition, with the postponement of conventions in all parts of the world, VRChat has become an invaluable platform as a meeting point for furs around the world.


Si vas a ingresar al mundo desde dentro de VRChat, debes tener activado la posibilidad de ver mundos experimentales (Habilitar la opcion de Labs en Opciones)

Si ingresas haciendo clic desde el navegador, no hace falta habilitar la opcion de Labs

Why VRChat?

When thinking about an online convention we could not leave VRChat out.
ArFF! World in VR is a meeting point to share with the community. The key aspect of this experience comes directly from the in-person side of the Convention, we created a modern and colorful space that captures the essence of being in a convention center.
We believe that this is an important dimension in a virtual event, but it will not be the only one, since the theme of the Baubao Haunted House will also be present, especially for those who pay attention. ;)

How do I log on?

To join the world of ArFF! you will need a copy of VRChat that you can download for free on Steam. It is not necessary to own a VR Headset, you can connect directly from your computer with a mouse and keyboard.
We recommend trying VRChat out for a few hours to familiarize yourself with the controls, commands, and experiences. In addition, VRChat has a trust and reputation system for uploading content and protecting its users. Adding up hours to your playtime by exploring worlds allows you leave the "visitor" status to become a "new user" earning some privileges such as the possibility of uploading your own avatar.
During the virtual event, we will activate the world of ArFF! so that you can connect directly from here, until that moment give yourself time to enjoy everything that this social platform has to offer.
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