What is Furcadia? What is Furcadia? What is Furcadia?

Furcadia is a MMORPG or more exactly a "Graphical MUD" (Multi-user Dungeon) set in a fantasy world with magical creatures. This game was launched back in 1996 and as of 2021 - despite the passing of the years - it has remained more current than ever.

Its longevity earned this game the Guinness Record for the oldest social MMORPG on 2016, a title that proudly holds ever since.

Since its birth, this game has allowed players to bring their fursona to life in the virtual world and participate in different worlds (in the game they are called “dreams”) where there are games, interactive activities and secrets to discover.

The game allows anyone who has the time to learn the ancient language of dragons to create worlds, so the possibilities for interactivity are endless and this is perhaps the greatest potential that Furcadia has exploited since the very beginning.

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Why Furcadia? Why Furcadia? Why Furcadia?

When we set out to host a Virtual Convention, we took all the lessons we learned from the in-person event back in 2019 and the ArFF! Open Days that we hosted throughout 2020 and we realized something very important.

It is difficult to transfer the experiences of in-person events to the virtual world, so our attention and our commitment must be focused on the creation of new, smart and daring experiences. It is not just to be in front of a live show, but it is also necessary -not to say of vital importance- to find an effective way to include the public in the experience of the event and this is achieved through an interactive and dynamic virtual world, but at the same time it must be accessible.

Much was discussed about using VR (Virtual Reality) programs, but these exclude a large part of our community for lacking the necessary equipment and this is unacceptable. In our quest for the perfect virtual world, we didn't want some people to have a better experience than others just because they had a better computer or a VR headset.

That is why to design the main virtual world of the Baubao’s Haunted House, we went to the origins, to that which is solid, perennial and allows absolute freedom, outside the constraints of hardware. We went to look for an experience that is enjoyable by all, without discriminating those who uses it from their PC, their iPhone, their toaster or from a refrigerator.

A Furcadia dream is the audacious proposal for our virtual convention, NO ONE has even dared to go this far and after having invested an absurd amount of funds and hours, we are ready to show you how wonderful and unforgettable this experience is.

The Time Machine The Time Machine The Time Machine

It was the year 1998, another time, we had recently come out of a regrettable performance against the Netherlands in the quarterfinals of the FIFA World Cup. The local media coverage was focused on the World Cup stories and the curious return to the radios of the country of the music of "Electric Bogaloo", a film production from ‘84.

In the incipient roots of the Furry Fandom in our country, the latest trend of the moment was to create a fursona in Furcadia, a game that promised a land of freedom and free rein to the fantasy of embodying the very essence of each Furry. This place was a perfect refuge at that time, its state-of-the-art graphics in conjunction with a strong text component made it possible for anyone to realize their wildest fantasies by embodying their true spirit animal.

Back In those days, the Internet - although it seemed as science fiction - was something quite popular thanks to the aggressive marketing campaigns of the telephone companies. Those were times of bizarre speeds, the vast oceans of the internet trembled at 36kbps of speed or 54kbps, if you were one of those lucky few. Back then, if you didn't end up connecting to the internet, you surely had enough CDs to decorate any room in your home with a style worthy of the distant future of the 2000s.

Furcadia was home to many interesting stories in the fandom, it was the perfect place to meet new people, to experiment and even to help you design and visualize your own fursona.

Like any place that gathers crowds, Furcadia has brought countless teachings throughout these years, but perhaps the most valuable teaching of that time, which is still very much in effect today is: “If you are going to enter an RP situation, make sure you are doing it at a time where no one has to use the phone”.

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