Aprendé como jugar Baubao Island


1 - Remember that flags are hidden codes, scattered throughout the ArFF universe as well as in the darkest and most unknown corners of the general culture. They begin with "ARFF {" and end in "}" can appear anywhere, so we recommend you to be attentive.

2 - The codes are entered by default in “PascalCase” (all together, without spaces and capitalized in the first letter of each word) unless otherwise indicated. NOTE: You do not need to enter the “ARFF {}” when redeeming it, as the system automatically includes it.

3 - Cards will be shown where you can see the flags currently in play with their current score. Both in the title and in the description - when you click on the card - you will see a description or clues, we recommend that you read them carefully because they may include special rules that affect how the flags are exchanged or displayed.

4 - The flags have a value according to their difficulty and each exchange reduces their value until they reach 1 point.

5 - Prizes will be awarded based on score and other objectives to be met. In that sense: Solving flags even if they are worth 1 point matters and will be relevant for the end of the game.

6 - The Game ends on November 07, 2021, during the Closing Ceremony of the online edition of Argentina FurFiesta.

7 - Our “gatitos” ask for it:: this is NOT an IT security CTFdo not brute force or hit the API, thanks ❤️

8 - We remind you about our golden rule: Have fun, respect others and don't be an imbecile. Your Feedback is welcome at t.me/Baubao

EDIT 25/May: Unless expressly indicated in the text of the clues, the flags do not require communicating with people or adding users in social networks or messaging tools in order to be found. The Staff will NOT provide clues privately to resolve the flags, insistence or repeated messages will be sanctioned.

EDIT 21/Oct: Falló la actualización del juego, no sabemos que posibles efectos pueda tener...
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