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There is no vacation nor any rest in the Caribbean for our hero Baubao, when a haunted island becomes the worst destination ever.

 With no escape, and condemned to live for eternity, ghosts, zombie pirates, voodoo dolls, violent monkeys and eccentric witches become the new neighbours.

The only escape from this cursed island lies in the hidden secrets from north to south, from east to west...

Can Baubao break the curse on the island and escape from it?

Welcome to the World of The Curse of Baubao Island!

From the creators of the hits: The Haunted House and Halloween in Villa Soldati, comes the revolution, fear and all the mystery of Baubao Movie Studios to the world of Computer Games.
BaubaoArts is the new endeavor of the geniuses behind the best hits on VHS.

What is a flag?

They are hidden codes , scattered throughout the ArFF universe, beginning with... "ARFF {" and ending with "}"
ARFF{ EsteEsUnEjemplo }
You can enter these codes in-game and rack up points to win big prizes at the end of Argentina FurFiesta 2021's online edition

Where are the flags located?

Everywhere, on the web, in our virtual worlds, in our social media, shows etc.

How many points are flags worth?

Each one has a different value, the first person to redeem it receives the maximum number of points and as more people redeem the flag, its value decreases.

When does the game begin?


Only those who earn the most points will be able to discover the secrets behind the Curse of Baubao Island and win important prizes.

Don't waste your time, the search has already begun!

Baubao Arts is a subsidiary of Baubao Studios
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