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{{isSpanish ? '¡Mi contribución a ArFF! ❤️' : 'My contribution to ArFF! ❤️'}}

{{isSpanish ? 'Ayudanos a realizar ArFF 2021 y llevate goodies' : 'Help us make ArFF 2021 a reality and get goodies'}}!


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{{ isSpanish ? 'Es importante que tus datos esten completos antes que cerremos EL 18 DE SEPTIEMBRE 2021' : 'Make sure to complete your shipping information before the deadline 18th September 2021'}}

{{isSpanish ? '¿No es tu pais? Contactá al staff:' : 'Not your country? Contact the staff:'}} @Baubao
{{isSpanish ? '¿No son tus datos reales? Contactá al staff:' : 'Not your real name? Contact the staff:'}} @Baubao
{{isSpanish ? 'Importante: Pon tu dirección completa, con departamento o suite si aplica' : 'Important: Fill with your full address, with apartment and suite if applies'}}
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And get great goodies!


This year there are no ticket sales or registration lines!

The online edition of Argentina FurFiesta will be free and accessible to anyone who wishes to participate from the comfort of home.

However, to create an online convention such as Baubao’s Haunted House we need a lot of infrastructure, kittens, incredible worlds and above all… coffee!
Today we have enough to create a memorable experience, but we would like to be able to offer you more and that is why we need help: If you decide to help by supporting and donating to the event until September 15, 2021, we will reward you with beautiful things that you will receive in the comfort of your home, wherever you are.

On this occasion, depending on your contribution to the Con, you will be able to earn from a commemorative Badge of the Baubao’s Haunted House -as if we were in the physical event- to the T-shirts and gifts with special designs that accompany each edition of Argentina FurFiesta.

ArFF! is above all, a crazy adventure full of ideas, joys and surprises. We wouldn't be here if it weren't for the support and encouragement you give us as part of this wonderful community. It does not matter if it is in the shape of large or small actions, if it is a donation, a word of encouragement, a contribution of ideas, rolling over your ticket to the in-person edition of ArFF in 2022 if you have not done it yet or if you simply are here being a part of the community.

Thank you very much from our heart ❤


1st Tier

+ lanyard  

2° Tier

+ T-shirt 2020 edition
+ Upgraded Badge to Sponsor

3rd Tier

+ Facemask 

4th Tier

+ An awesome bag!
+ Upgraded Badge to SuperSponsor

 5th Tier

+ T-SHIRT limited edition


Do the contribution tiers include shipping?

YES! All tiers include the cost of shipping, both for locations within Argentina, and abroad anywhere in the world. Customs costs are not included in the shipping cost and must be paid by the interested party.


Does my contribution include a ticket for the in-person edition of ArFF 2022?

NO, the badge included in the rewards does not grant access to any event. Also, tickets to ArFF 2022 are not available yet.


Does this include a ticket to the ArFF 2021 Online Edition?

The "entry" to the Online Edition of ArFF 2021 "Baubao’s Haunted House" is FREE.


Can I claim my rewards in person?

No, this time all rewards will be mailed.


I am outside of Argentina, can I pay with means of payment other than PayPal?

No, unfortunately we can only accept PayPal for people outside of Argentina.


I am from Argentina, can I pay using PayPal?

No, this time we only accept contributions made through Mercado Pago for transactions made within the country.


When will I receive my rewards?

The rewards will be sent at the beginning of October, the time until they arrive at your address varies depending on where you are. Unfortunately we cannot give you an estimate on time, given the uncertainty generated by the Pandemic.


Can I learn about the status of the shipment of my rewards?

You will receive a tracking code provided by the mail company so that you can check the status of your package.


Can I send my rewards to an address other than where I live?

The rewards are sent to the address you have registered in your ArFF account, it can be modified until September 15, 2021.


Can I get more than one set of rewards?

No, rewards are assigned to a single person with each ArFF account. 


Can I buy the goodies separately out of the tier bundles?

No, the goodies are not for sale, they have no commercial value and are rewards for collaborating with the event. You cannot choose the rewards, they are pre-established.


Can I pay in cash?

Yes, only for Argentina, through Rapipago / Easy Payment by Mercado Pago.


During the convention, will the rewards be available for purchase?



I am a minor. Can I collaborate with the event and receive rewards?

No. As we are dealing with contributions/donations to the event, we require that the contributor be over 18 years of age.


I have another question, where can I contact you?

You can send us your question to Baubao ( in Telegram

Terms and Conditions

All contributions are final.


Toda contribución efectuada después del 18 de Septiembre de 2021 no otorga derecho a recompensa.


The rewards have no commercial value, they are awarded for the sole purpose of rewarding the collaboration with the event and in no way constitute a purchase.


Once the items are delivered to the mail, a tracking code will be provided. 


The event is not responsible for loss or damage or breakage of items during shipping.


Customs costs, taxes and / or any other expenses necessary to receive the rewards are not included in the cost of shipping and must be paid by the recipient.


The reward badges are commemorative, they do not grant the access to any event.

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