¡Estamos en vivo! // We are live!


08:25 TORONTO / Gate C09 BOARDING NOW   •    08:35 MIAMI / Gate C03 DELAYED   •    08:50 BUENOS AIRES / Gate C02 Gate OPEN   •    09:10 BUDAPEST / Gate C06 ON TIME   •    09:25 CORDOBA / Gate C03 ON TIME   •    09:35 MEXICO DF / Gate C10 DELAYED   •    09:40 ROME / Gate C03 ON TIME   •    09:45 GUALEGUAYCHU / Gate C03 ON TIME   •    10:00 MENDOZA / Gate C01 CANCELED   •    10:45 SEATTLE / Gate C13 ON TIME   •    11:35 WASHINGTON / Gate C12 DELAYED   •    11:50 VILLA GENERAL BELGRANO / Gate C07 ON TIME   •    12:20 ISTANBUL / Gate C04 CANCELED   •   

Aeropuertos Argentina FurFiesta welcomes you to the inauguration of its new International Air Terminal in the heart of the City of Buenos Aires 

main stage

Gate 42

Dealers DEN

Gate 59

When envisioning this terminal we put those travelers and their families at the center of the design, we decided to take the Airport experience not one, not two but THREE levels higher. 

The airport is a true meeting point, a bridge that connects furs from all over the world; It is a space where the joy of arriving and the sadness of leaving are mixed in an infinity of stories -with a lot of waiting, queues and uncomfortable check-ups in the middle-, it cannot be a better place to celebrate the next edition of Argentina

This year we have a real airport adventure planned and we can't wait for you to experience it!

Luggage? Don't worry, we know it's heavy so we'll lose it for sure; Bureaucracy? We love! we have the most complicated immigration procedures on the planet, with more than 256 forms of different colors to complete; A place to sit while you wait for your flight? Relax, they just moved him to the other terminal and he's leaving in 5 minutes.

Whether for love, work or pleasure, we hope that your visit to the new terminal is to your liking, we believe that you will not want to leave, in fact no vas a poder irte: este aeropuerto no tiene pista -Resulta ser que Avenida Corrientes es demasiado pequeña para una pista de aterrizaje, ¿quien lo hubiera pensado?-, pero ¡No importa! captamos todo lo que implica estar en un aeropuerto y lo mejoramos aún más para tú incomodidad y conveniencia. ¡Todo esto sin el estrés de tener que tomarte un avión o irte de viaje!

We are very happy to be able to welcome you one more year, meet again in person -with care and attention to protocols- and enjoy the "Airport Madness" in this new edition of Argentina FurFiesta.

International Air Terminal of Argentina FurFiesta Airports.
(Yes, the name is long...)

We'd like to welcome you to ArFF 2021! 

Monsters, minions and various creatures, all welcome to the Haunted House. In this place everything and nothing is what it seems: corridors and rooms move; the paintings are so real that they seem to follow you with your eyes; large halls house banquets of hundreds of souls; And what about the lab in the attic? Or is there a silhouette behind you in the mirror? look and see well, because the house hides a lot of secrets.

Tonight, we wait for a very special guest: a puppy named Baubao. Your mission? Give him the fright of his life.. But beware! Don't scare him so loudly, there are many like you waiting for their turn.

After all, there is nothing better than a long night of fear in the house to rest in peace... if you can.
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