Welcome to the new Argentina FurFiesta website. We currently working on getting the content up to speed and organizing the sections of the page.

This website is a meeting point for all the activities that ArFF develops together with the community, that is why we would like to welcome you to the special sections dedicated to Saturday ArFF Live and ArFF Open Day.

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone and we hope to have good news to share with you soon. Any questions regarding the current status of the event in relation to COVID-19, we invite you to go through the special section that collects all our statements and the current status of the event.

At the moment, access to ArFF accounts is disabled until the new place and date of the event have been confirmed and announced.

We ask you to be attentive to our social networks, since we will be publishing all the news there, it is the wish of all of us who make Argentina FurFiesta that we can all be together again very soon.

What is ArFF?

ArFF is Argentina FurFiesta and is a hotel based furry convention in Argentina. It is the second furry convention in the history of fandom of our country and the first to be organized in the City of Buenos Aires. It is a historic opportunity to have a memorable event at the height of similar proposals in other countries tailored to the local and international community.

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